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Belle is a singer, songwriter and a music producer who has collaborated with various Grammy-winning songwriters and producers.


After growing up in a conflict region and experiencing war as a child and then as a young adult Belle moved to the US where she lived in Harlem, She developed a unique appreciation for equality and the need for people to unify and have chosen her music as a means to amplify this message.


Belle was represented by one of the top entertainment firms, Davis Shapiro who has represented Britney Spears, Missy Elliott, Timberland, Linkin Park and other major recording artists.


In addition to music Belle was featured in commercials for ”Fanta”, “GE”, “Pepsi Co” and other brands and companies.


Belle latest project is a pop inspirational power ballad album. Her recent work style is reminiscent of that of artists Adele, Sam Smith and John Legend.

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